Front Matter

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

"Many believe the mask of darkness helps to hide them from their wickedness. Their belief that no human eyes gazed upon their most evil transgressions leaves them free from judgment and punishment. What they fail to realize, beyond the shadows and surrounded in darkness, there’s always something watching and mercy isn’t a part of the job.

Beverly, a young mother, has seen her life spiral out of control after a separation from her husband and the recent disappearance of her son. The signs pointed to kidnapping after a late-night break in resulting in Dylan being taken from his bed. Yet, are the signs clear enough?

Henry, a rideshare driver, loves his job in more ways than one. After five young women have disappeared within a couple of months, police continue to be baffled to their whereabouts. The lack of evidence, virtually no clues and no bodies to lay claim to, its left their families in turmoil and distress. What’s happened to these young women and how can Henry help?

Roger, a wealthy businessman, husband and father of two, has a stressful job. Constant business travel has put a strain on his marriage but, it’s all one-sided. Despite the sacrifices made, a lack of appreciation and self-control brings to light a marriage in a difficult and transmissible situation.

Frank and his girlfriend Kim have made a tremendous leap in their relationship by moving in together. The relationship’s leading in the right direction, however, something appears off. An inaccessible basement has Kim questioning the lack of trust in their relationship. Don’t do digging for things you aren’t ready to discover."

Releasing October 5, 2021

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