August 9, 2022

The Friend Series Book 1

A wave of loneliness has hit the nation. Relationships aren’t as fulfilling as they used to be. At Superior Robotics International, a Senior Engineer, Lina Meyers, and her two Junior Engineers, Tiffany and Albert, have come up with a way to combat this. Their latest prototype, Trex, is going to revolutionize the loneliness epidemic and the future need for therapists. But, like every prototype, it has its flaws. When those flaws seep through, Lina realizes there’s something far more advanced within Trex than they’d wanted programmed. There’s no telling what it will say or do next.

Inspired by the short story “A Friend for the Lonely” (available for newsletter subscribers), “The Making of A Friend” is book one of a trilogy, focusing on events from Lina’s perspective.

Available this summer. Pre-order and Paperback details coming soon.

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