2022 Outlook

It’s been a bit since I’ve properly got the chance to write a blog post. So much has been happening the past few months. With the book launch back in October, I’ve been working diligently on finishing not one, not two, but three more novellas. A science fiction thriller, a fantasy thriller, and a science fiction romance (keep me in your thoughts with this one). So, it’s been a process and pretty busy. With that being said, I’ve decided I’m going to add more to my website. I want people to see more of my work and get more of a feel for the stories I love to tell. The ones that are stuck or pop in my head that don’t need to be a full-length book. So, in the next couple of months, I will start adding short stories. They’ll range from my usual science fiction, thriller, and horror stories all the way to romance (once again, keep me in your thoughts about this). Variety is the spice of life, right? Good things are coming this 2022 and I hope you stick around.

Happy Holidays!

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